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Acorn Nursing Home Blackpool

Acorn Nursing Home in Blackpool provides residential nursing care for older people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and other similar conditions. At the Acorn we offer a secure, homely and comfortable environment so our residents can lead fulfilled lives. We have forty single en-suite bedrooms as well as four bath/shower rooms for residents. The home is fitted with a comprehensive nurse call system and all fire safety and hygiene regulations are always adhered to.

We provide both long term and respite care. Being a relatively small home allows us to function as a close community. We provide the quality nursing care that our residents require, always to the highest standard and we treat all our residents with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

The Acorn is in Blackpool, in the North West of England, a traditional seaside retirement town with a beautiful coastline and an elegant Victorian centre.

What We Aim to Achieve

At the acorn we aim;

  • To be a care home which has a professional approach with a homely touch and an open atmosphere
  • To fulfil all the functions necessary for nursing and social care yet be as little like a hospital as possible
  • To supply as many amenities as possible for our residents while avoiding appearing like a hotel
  • To be large enough to be able to offer through economies of scale, a complete all-round service, yet be small enough to develop a family atmosphere

Who Can We Care For?

The Acorn cares for people with nursing needs as well as people who need social care, Social care covers a wide spectrum, such as problems with old age, medical problems, physical disabilities, forgetfulness and dementia. In addition, we can accommodate people for palliative care.

This care can be on a short, medium term or permanent basis, to help rehabilitate someone after a stay in hospital, or perhaps to offer respite for a carer.

A pre-admission assessment will be carried out where practical tests to ensure the correct level of care are administered; emergency admissions will be assessed within the first 48 hours of admission.

Philosophy of Care

The Acorn, as a care home with nursing facilities, intends to offer the highest level of care and support to enable our residents to live a lifestyle as full, interesting and independent as possible within the parameters of their illness.

Illness can often affect adversely one’s quality of life: our aim is to improve that quality of life wherever possible.

For residents who are unfortunately enduring a terminal illness, our purpose is to ensure their time with us is comfortable and pain free and offer an environment which can give a degree of contentment.

The Staff

If you have already visited the Acorn Nursing Home, you may have met some of our friendly staff.

There is a trained nurse on duty each day and night. They are aided by up to seven nursing assistants throughout the day and three at night. The manager is also a registered nurse.

The catering staff is comprised by the cook and his assistant who can cater for all types of diets and special requirements, he can visit you to discuss the menu and your various likes and dislikes. Breakfast can be taken at any time and either in your room or in one of the two dining rooms. Lunch is served at noon and tea at 4.30pm, usually in the dining rooms; however, some people do prefer to eat in their rooms. Hot and cold snacks are served at regular intervals during the day.

We have a nutritional assistant as well, to advise and assist with al dietary needs and intakes.

There is also a dedicated team of laundry and domestic staff who clean the home and launder clothing daily.


We have various professional entertainers, dancers, singers and drama acts appear regularly at The Acorn. We also play Bingo and have a large selection of Board games and jigsaws.

Our aim is to make Birthdays special for our residents, so we try to combine birthday celebrations.

Personal Services

We have a hairdressing salon with our own professional stylist: a visiting chiropodist and manicurist are available as is a registered optician, dental visits can be arranged as required.

Residents can continue with care from their own family doctor if in the area, registration with local doctors can be arranged if necessary.

Newspapers and magazines can be ordered on request. We can also arrange for little afternoon shopping outings with a member of staff.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to identify, fulfil and satisfy residents’ needs, supplying the highest level of nursing and social care and support to enable the resident to live a lifestyle as full and independent as possible.

We encourage families and friends to continue contact with and support our patients. To achieve this, we will continue striving to improve the facilities, environment and atmosphere of the home and continue to train and instruct our staff to improve all our standards, which can only help in the care of our patients.

Owners and staff alike, must have the correct attitude towards wanting to improve our own individual performances, which will in turn collectively enhance the care of the patients and the home in general.